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Online Face Massage Videos and Courses

Develop an AMAZING touch with easy to follow touch techniques to add to your esthetics practice. Learn online at home, at your own pace, anywhere in the world!

Timeless, Hands On Skills to Last You Your Entire Career


Enhance the Power of Your Touch

Easy to Follow Face Massage Sequences and Techniques

  • Develop an Amazing Touch

    Get hands on, timeless skills that will last you your entire career. My online courses will help you develop an AMAZING touch with easy-to-follow touch techniques to add to your esthetics practice. Refine your hands-on skills to enhance your client’s experience.

  • Expand Service Menu

    Learn focused massage sequences and methods to add Revitalizing Eye Massage, Stress Reducing Scalp Massage and Facial Acupressure to your service menu. Gain the confidence, peace of mind and skills to quickly calm your clients, reduce their stress, and massage any skin type with these revitalizing, re-energizing & relaxing facial massage techniques.

  • Increase Revenue

    Happy clients always come back. With the amazing new touch techniques, you will be able to offer your clients face massage that they will absolutely love and be able to incorporate these techniques into each facial or beauty procedure leading to a higher customer satisfaction and higher revenue.

Owner and Founder of @enhanced_touch

Independent Skin Educator Gaynor Farmer-Katics

I am Gaynor. I have been in the aesthetics industry for over 30 years and teaching estheticians for the last 20 years helping them improve their touch, learn advanced face massage techniques and grow their business. My initial training was in my hometown of Birmingham, England and I've continued to learn and practice numerous styles of massage techniques over the years some even taught by top industry experts themselves all over the world. My online courses will help you evolve your touch and gain timeless hands on skill of an amazing touch to last you your entire career. Gaynor Farmer-Katics LE, CIBTAC dip @Featured Skin Educator by Milady - Standard Esthetics.

Customer Testimonials

See what our customers say about @Enhanced-Touch online courses.

The best face message course you will find on the Internet!

Daria K.

This is by far the best face message course you will find on the Internet. It completely changed my business and the way I do my facials and face massages. My clients love it, and I am very happy I have taken Gaynor's courses .

Wow! What a great course Gaynor

Tracy A Lacina

I had to really focus on not falling asleep as I watched you do the scalp massage. I took a ton of notes and performed my first scalp massage on my last lash client of the day today. So fortunate for her as she suffers from migraines and absolutely LOVED this massage. I think it will be a regular add on to her lash appointments in future. Can't wait to do the Revitalizing Eye Massage course next.

Well worth talking!

Debbi Fink!

We've all watched plenty of free webinars, especially in 2020, some filled with hype and fluff. But I had to stop and grab pen and paper to takes notes in this very informative webinar. Full of meaty knowledge that every esthetician, whether a student or seasoned esthetician, will benefit from. A perfect combination of theory and practical demonstrations to keep you engaged.


  • What can I gain from learning new massage techniques?

    There are several benefits to learning new techniques. By broadening your repertoire of skills equips you to have a positive effect on a variety of skin conditions more effectively. It encourages your hands to become more proficient leading to a more refined touch. Fuels your passion and feeds your soul's desire to help clients feel better. Deepens your mindfulness, stillness and awareness to benefit YOU as well as your client. Expands and adds variety to your service menu for increased client satisfaction. It is fact, satisfied clients do return to you.

  • How can I incorporate these techniques into my practice?

    All of my massage techniques offer great flexibility as to when and where they may be incorporated into any service. Regardless of your specialty here are a few suggestions of how and why they add value to your service. Lash or brow artist - Revitalizing Eye Massage prior to your lash work helps to relax fluttery eyelids. Age Management - Your clients would benefit from all of my techniques, especially Facial Acupressure. Acne and rosacea - Facial Acupressure will add to the efficacy of your acne or rosacea services. Chemical peels - Stress Reducing Scalp Massage avoids manipulating facial areas while still offering relaxation and pleasure. Holistic approaches to skincare and traditional facials allow you to offer any and all of my techniques at various stages of your treatment.

  • Can I really learn a massage technique online?

    Enhanced Touch online courses are very comprehensive. There is a balance of theory and practical information. Anatomy review, treatment suggestions, marketing tips and contraindications are included. Detailed video instruction on how to perform each technique is explained.

  • Why should I pay for a course I can learn on YouTube?

    YouTube is a great platform to get known and reach a wide audience. Enhanced Touch focuses on the needs of the licensed esthetician and qualified beauty therapist. With almost 40 years of practical and training experience in the industry, Gaynor has a proven track record of expertise and experience with all the techniques she teaches. Hard copies of Certificate of Completion are also issued showing your clients you are invested in your career and seek training from legitimate industry professionals.

  • Why do I only have 90 days access to the course?

    Having a restricted time of 90 days to learn each technique increases your motivation to finish the course. Each course can be viewed in a few hours with ample time to practice the technique on clients, friends or family for 3 months. You also have the option of purchasing a video of the full routine as a reminder of the steps.

  • What exactly does each course provide?

    Detailed, video instruction and how to refine your technique. Downloadable class notes covering; indications & contraindications, anatomy review, marketing tips, protocol suggestions, treatment descriptions. Illustrated step by step "cheat sheet". Certificate of completion.

  • What if I can't complete it within 90 days?

    It is the sincere wish that everyone who enrolls in a course has the chance and opportunity to finish it. Gaynor, the creator of Enhanced Touch is an an empathic caring person who created these course to help and assist professionals who wish to increase their touch skills. A simple email asking for an extension will be granted.

  • Why would I pay for an online course?

    When you consider the cost of a skincare service, anywhere between $50 - $200+ in the US, investing in your skillset to further your career seems quite minimal. The cost is quickly recuperated in a couple of services. These are timeless lifelong skills that will stay with you for the rest of your career. Products, ingredients, devices and equipment come in and out of trend but touch will never go out of style.

Why train with me?

  • FOR YOUR BUSINESS - Increased client satisfaction = increased re-bookings = increased revenue.

  • Expands and adds variety to your service menu for increased client satisfaction. It is a fact, satisfied clients return to you.

  • Offer a wider choice of massage techniques for a truly customized facial.

  • FOR YOU - It encourages your hands to become more dexterous leading to a more refined touch.

  • Fuels your passion and feeds your soul's desire to help clients feel better. Deepens your mindfulness, stillness and awareness to benefit YOU as well as your client.

  • Relax, you're in good hands. You will gain confidence and new skills from someone with decades of practical industry and training experience sharing their gift and passion of touch with you.

  • FOR YOUR CLIENTS - By broadening your repertoire of massage skills, you are more equipped to have a positive effect on different skin conditions you treat on a daily basis, rather than one technique you originally learned at beauty school.

  • Stress leads to inflammation and inflammation is an underlying cause of many skin conditions such as acne, rosacea, premature ageing and pigmentation. Reduce their stress and improve their skin.