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Beautiful routine!

Lucinda Walton

Hello Gaynor What a beautiful massage routine and such a wonderfully presented course. It’s a joy to watch you perform it, so graceful and flowing. I am going to very much enjoy offering this to my clients as soon as we can work on the head again, at present only neck down treatments.

It really works!

Caitlin Breen

As an esthetician, I hear from clients concerned about puffiness, dark circles and tired looking eyes. This eye message sequence is the prefect way to address these issues and it works! Not only is the class easy to follow, Gaynor gives pointers on technique and marketing. I worked very slowly at my own pace to memorize each step and practice on volunteers. Clients are blown away at how rested and fresh they look after this massage. Thank you Gaynor for this education.

Well explained so easy to learn

Rachel Winters

I'm not an esthetician but a trained hair stylist and have worked closely with estheticians over the years. I signed up for the Stress Reducing Scalp Massage first because I'm more familiar with this region of the body. I enjoyed that so much I decided to learn this technique too. My husband has been my model and loves it too!

Course curriculum

    1. Introduction to Online Revitalizing Eye Massage Course

    2. Navigating the Site

    1. Revitalizing Eye Massage Sequence

    1. Treatment Guidelines

    2. Treatment Guidelines

    3. Treatment Guidelines Quiz

    1. Anatomy Review

    2. Anatomy Review

    3. Anatomy Review

    1. Product Application, Steps 1 - 2

    2. Steps 3 - 4

    3. Steps 5 - 7

    4. Steps 8 - 10

    5. At a Glance Revitalizing Eye Massage (cheat sheet)

    1. Marketing Ideas

    2. Marketing Ideas

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