Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Introduction to Online Stress Reducing Scalp Massage

    • Navigating the Site

  • 2

    Chapter One - Stress Reducing Scalp Massage Sequence

    • Stress Reducing Scalp Massage Sequence

  • 3

    Chapter Two - Treatment Guidelines

    • Treatment Guidelines

    • Treatment Guidelines

    • Treatment Guidelines Quiz

  • 4

    Chapter Three - Muscle Review

    • Anatomy Review

    • Anatomy Review Notes

    • Anatomy Review Quiz

  • 5

    Chapter Four - Step by Step Instruction

    • Steps 1 - 4

    • Steps 5 - 9

    • Steps 10 - 13

    • Steps 14 - 16

  • 6

    Chapter Five - Marketing Ideas

    • Marketing Stress Reducing Scalp Massage

    • Marketing Stress Reducing scalp Massage Notes

  • 7

    Chapter Six - Refining Your Techniques

    • Refining Your Techniques

  • 8

    Chapter Seven - Stress Reducing Scalp Massage Sequence

    • Stress Reducing Scalp Massage Sequence

    • Congratulations on Completing the Course!


Created and intended for licensed or trainee estheticians.

  • Willing friends or family members to practice on

  • Set aside a regular time slot each week to progress and practice

  • Update your skills and deepen your client's relaxation experience

What you'll receive in this course

  • Detailed instruction

    Each step of the treatment is carefully explained and demonstrated allowing you to follow along and practice as you watch.

  • Certificate of completion

    Earn a certificate of completion once you have viewed all of the course content. Although it won't take you 90 days to complete this comprehensive course, we allow ample time for you to learn and practice at your own pace.

  • Surprise gift

    A surprise gift once you've completed the course.


  • How long will it take me to complete this course?

    Viewing the entire course content could be completed in a few hours. However, for you to fully absorb and truly learn the technique I highly recommend you practice chapter 4 on several different models, if possible and spread over several days and weeks. It is only through constant repetition that learning will take place.

  • Do I need to be an esthetician to take this course?

    No, anyone interested in learning this subject is invited to take this course. It was created with the licensed and trainee esthetician in mind as prior knowledge of anatomy is a plus. Massage therapists may also find the course useful.

  • Do I need to have a treatment bed at home?

    A treatment bed is not essential, anywhere for you and your model to position yourselves comfortably. This could be a bed, sofa or reclining chair.

  • What if there is something on the course I don't understand?

    You may email me any questions you may have at

  • Why do I only get limited access to the course?

    To encourage you to complete the course. I truly want you to learn this technique and use it in your practice. As with an "in person" class you wouldn't sign up and not bother to go.

  • What do I get once I've completed the course?

    A certificate of completion will be awarded for finishing the course as well as a bonus gift.

  • Why would I take this course?

    Learning new techniques to incorporate into your treatments have multiple benefits. The more individual techniques you learn will increase the dexterity of your fingers and hands. Adding new services for your clients shows you are updating your skills to enhance their treatments. Prevents boredom that may arise after repetitive services.