Course curriculum

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    • Introduction to your Personal Tuition & Practical Assessment
    • How this course works
    • Download text documents
    • Watch the full sequence video
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What you will need to complete this course

For your combined one on one session and practical assessment.

  • To be prepared with any questions or queries regarding the technique you may have

  • A model to demonstrate the technique on for the practical assessment

  • Location with adequate lighting

  • A smart phone, tablet, laptop or device to connect via video call

  • Allow up to 30-40 minutes for the session

Bonus material

Enhance and solidify your knowledge with these useful materials.

  • Written content

    All written content from the Online Facial Acupressure course is available for you to download and save for future reference.

  • Full sequence video

    Lifetime access to the Full Sequence video to remind you of the routine and refresh your knowledge.

  • Certificate of Achievement

    Once you have received your personal tuition and practical assessment your Certificate of Achievement will be mailed to you.


  • How long will the one on one session be?

    Typically, the session lasts between 30-40 minutes depending on the number of questions you have.

  • How long is the practical assessment?

    The practical assessment itself will be approximately 10-15 minutes, the time of the full sequence.

  • When will the one on one session be?

    The time and date are set by us via email, when it is convenient for our schedules.

  • Do I need to practice before booking the one on one session?

    Yes, you do need to practice the technique as outlined in Online Facial Acupressure Course. This will highlight any areas that you are not sure about so we can address them during the private session, helping refine your technique.

  • Why do I have 4 weeks to complete this course from the date of purchase?

    In order to keep the learning momentum going. Setting an end goal gives you motivation to practice and complete the course.

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