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Online Facial Acupressure

Rachel Brandis - Luminous Skin Studio, CA

I am so happy to be learning this technique as I am exploring our energies and it fascinates me.   I have made a goal to get this class finished and even lined up a model to practice on. I also purchased the scalp massage course which I think will be a great skill to have.   Again, thank you. Thank you for sharing not only your knowledge, but also your love for the power of touch. I feel blessed to be able to study under you and learn from you.

What a wonderful course!!!

Bethany Boyd, Perfectly Polished LLC, Arizona

What a wonderful course!!! I had a friend come in yesterday so I could practice on her .... she's very high strung and afterwards, I did 2 passes on her, she said that was the most relaxed she'd been in weeks! I followed along with your video.... I'm going to sign up for the scalp massage next!!!

Online Facial Acupressure

Lori Murtagh

Thank you for making your facial acupressure course available online! You did a great job with explaining all, providing the written materials and the visuals. I originally took this class many years ago and have incorporated acupressure into every facial. Clients love it and actually I also reap the benefits while performing it. Your course reminded me of the exact order and another tip I had forgotten over the years. I immediately followed the recommended format and noticed a difference. My clients have been highly complimentary! I can’t wait to take more of your classes!

Facial Acupressure

Sandra Donovan

Great notes to download, easy to follow video and I love that you can watch numerous times to get comfortable with your techniques. Great ideas for promoting this to clients and my clients are loving this new add on treatment.

Acupressure Course

Ramla Evans - Ramglam Esthetics, NY

Thank you for providing this great alternative to a facial massage. I am delighted to have this skill in my skin toolbox. I have completed the course and I look forward to using my newly acquired skills.

Easy on my hands!

Rose Simms

I've been an esthetician for over 10 years and I can sometimes feel discomfort in my wrists when I'm giving face massage. I love how easy this technique is on my hands and wrists and very surprised at the deeply relaxing effect facial acupressure has on my clients and I'm only using my fingertips! Thank you for teaching me this alternative massage ;)

AMAZING. So grateful for this course!

Juletta Hayfield

This course was so helpful and inspiring. I learned so much and have already begun to use it in my own practice. My clients love it, and it makes their skin look beautiful. Thank you Gaynor you are amazing!!

Pleasantly surprised!

Billie Hall

This was my first "practical" online class I've ever taken because I thought it would be impossible to learn a massage technique online. I'm rather old school and prefer to be in a real classroom setting. I was very pleasantly surprised and found it easy to follow along. I think Gaynor did a great job of explaining how to locate each point and the chapter where you find the points on yourself really helped, so I know how would feel to a client. I've also purchased the video so I can always refer back to that if I forget where any of the points are.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Introduction to the Online Facial Acupressure Course

    • Navigating this Site

  • 2

    Chapter One - Introduction to Facial Acupressure

    • Introduction to Facial Acupressure

    • Introduction to Facial Acupressure Notes

    • Introduction to Facial Acupressure Quiz

  • 3

    Chapter Two - Treatment Guidelines

    • Treatment Guidelines

    • Treatment Guideline Notes

    • Treatment Guidelines Quiz

  • 4

    Chapter Three - Self Exploration

    • Introduction to Self Exploration

    • Locating Facial Acupressure Points Notes

    • Self Exploration Part 1

    • Self Exploration Part 2

    • Self Exploration Part 3

    • Self Exploration Part 4

  • 5

    Chapter Four - Locating and Working Acupoints on Client

    • Introduction to Locating and Working Acupoints on Client

    • Working the Acupoints on a Client Notes

    • Press & Release Technique

    • Working the Acupoints Part 1

    • Locating the Acupoints Part 1

    • Deep Abdominal Breathing

    • Locating and Working the Acupoints Part 1 Quiz

    • Locating the Acupoints Part 2

    • Working the Acupoints Part 2

    • Locating and Working the Acupoints Part 2 Quiz

    • Locating the Acupoints Part 3

    • Working the Acupoints part 3

    • Locating and Working the Acupoints Part 3 Quiz

    • Locating the Acupoints Part 4

    • Working the Acupoints Part 4

    • Locating and Working the Acupoints Part 4 Quiz

    • At a Glance Facial Acupressure (cheat sheet)

  • 6

    Chapter Five - The Full Acupressure Routine

    • The Full Acupressure Routine

    • Benefits of Pressing Facial Acupressure Points Notes

  • 7

    Chapter Six - Treatment Suggestions

    • Treatment Suggestions

    • Treatment Suggestions Notes

  • 8

    Chapter Seven - Marketing and Promotions

    • Marketing and Promotions

    • Marketing and Promotions Notes

    • Conclusion to course

    • We love feedback!

What you will need to complete this course

Created and intended for licensed or trainee estheticians.

  • Willing friends or family members to regularly practice on

  • Basic prior knowledge of face and head anatomy is a bonus

  • The desire to increase the well being of your clients and learn something new

What you'll receive in this course

  • Excellent direction

    Close up video footage allowing you to observe precisely where each point is located allowing you to practice as you watch.

  • Certificate of completion

    Earn a certificate of completion once you have viewed all of the course content. Although it won't take you 90 days to complete this comprehensive course, we allow ample time for you to learn and practice at your own pace.

  • Surprise gift

    A surprise gift once you've completed the course.


  • How long will it take me to complete this course?

    Viewing the entire course content could be completed in several hours. However, for you to fully absorb and truly learn the technique I highly recommend you practice chapter 4 on several different models, if possible, over several days and weeks. It is only through constant repetition that learning will take place.

  • Do I need to be an esthetician to take this course?

    This course was created for licensed and student estheticians. In addition to teaching the Facial Acupressure sequence it covers how to incorporate in within facial treatments as well as marketing.

  • Do I need a treatment bed?

    A treatment bed is not essential, just a place for you and your model to position yourselves comfortably. This could be a bed, sofa or reclining chair.

  • What if there is something on the course I don't understand?

    You may email me any questions you have at

  • Why do I only get limited access to the course?

    To encourage you to complete the course. I want you to truly learn this technique and use it in your practice. As with an "in person" class you wouldn't sign up and then not bother to go.

  • What do I get once I've completed the course?

    A certificate of completion is awarded for finishing the course as well as a bonus gift.

  • Why would I take this course?

    If you are a licensed or student esthetician who wants to learn an alternative massage technique to add to your skill set and treat every skin type and condition when traditional European style of massage is not appropriate.